Point of U

Point Of U consists of 2 parts: the POU competition and the POU festival.

The mission of Point Of U competition is to find a new and fresh generation of directors, storytellers, creators & videographers, who are willing to enlighten the world with their unique Point of U. All young talent can apply and compete against each other.


The first weekend of the Easter holidays Point Of U organises their festival. This event is for young and diverse digital creatives. Through workshops, screenings and lectures we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of content creation and film. 

Point Of U Awards

From 2022 onwards Point Of U will be presenting awards to creatives who have played

a pioneering role in the Belgian online media and film landscape.


The awards of POU’22 went to:

The Young Talent Award for the content creator who was most innovative and stunning in the past year goes to Lukas Gevaert.

The first Achievement Award goes to one of the pioneers in social media, more specifically

for the creation of memes: Memes Van ‘t Stad.

The other Achievement Award goes to a great Belgian actor and director. You may know him from

DEALER, RUNDSKOP and TABULA RASA. Congratulations Jeroen Perceval!