Wajow & Fameus & Cinemaximilaan

Wajow & Fameus & Cinemaximilaan


At WAJOW PODCAST they have recently started a new concept called ‘cut.thepodcast’ where different actors come to talk about their acting careers and about the movies/series they have played in. Several actors have come to speak as guests, including Sverre from Dealer, Nora from WTFOCK etc.


Do you like dance, singing, theatre, music, word, fashion, performance, film, visual arts or everything in between? Fameus supports everyone who is passionately involved with art in Antwerp.


Cinemaximiliaan is a platform with and by newcomers in Belgium. The initiative started at an improvised camp at the Maximiliaan Park in Brussels with daily film screenings.

Cinemaximiliaan brings films in many remote asylum centers around Belgium on a regular basis, where there is a need for encounter and cultural exchange. We also organize film screenings with encounters and debates in private homes, in cinema’s and in cultural venues. It is like a traveling living room where people can feel at home and find a place to exchange and work together.