Saturday 11/02

Maimouna is known for Panna, Tweede Zit and now recently Season of Sex. In her first-ever acting class, she will tell you all about her career and how she became the actress she is today.

We are honored to present the Belgian Première of Le Voyage de Talia by Christophe Rolin starring Nadège Bibo-Tansia.  Talia is a 19-year-old Belgian girl, with Senegalese roots, visiting her country of origin for the first time. She starts off in Dakar, in the luxurious villa of her cousin’s family, hoping to meet her grandmother.

Are content creators filmmakers? Are filmmakers content creators? Let’s talk about two worlds that are similar yet very different. Maximiliaan Verheyden combined both. He began as an internet sensation on his social media platforms and grew into a screenwriter who conceived his first film FOMO.

Vertical videos are less associated with artistic cinematic technique and more so with 15-second TikTok dance moves. But is that really the only potential this format has? Smartphones have normalized vertical videos, yet most content is still produced using horizontal frames. Is it time to turn your TV on its side and embrace the future or is vertical video just a passing trend?

20:30 – 21:00 PREMIERE WAJOW RESULTS @ Grote zaal

21:30 – 04:00 Let’s party! w/ DJ’s TOLA OG & Sven Van Alboom @ Rotonde

Where are all the actors at? Castings are open for all talent: come as you are, introduce yourself, tell us something funny and do a lil’ improvisation. Good luck!

CUT is an online platform where everyone can be themselves and be proud of what they do and where they come from.

Sunday 12/02

Where are all the actors at? Castings are open for all talent: come as you are, introduce yourself, tell us something funny and do a lil’ improvisation.

Have you ever been on a date with a producer? Now’s your chance! POU organizes speeddates where you get the chance to pitch your project to producers. This is your chance to share your idea for a movie or series with the right people.

‘KURKDROOG’ is an Antwerp comic duo consisting of Angel and Toon.

The gentlemen are known for their sharp, quick and sarcastic humor which they incorporate into their interviews, sketches & reaction videos.

16:45 – 17:45 Real Talk: How to get started in the media industry @ Salon

One of the most successful actors in Belgium will teach you how to elevate your acting skills. By sharing tips and tricks, you will learn how to master auditions, analyze scripts and play the best freaking role of your life. Don’t miss out.  

Last year we introduced the Point Of U Achievement Awards, where we celebrate talent, success and achievement within the urban and online world. Last year Jeroen Perceval, Lukas Gevaert and Meme’s van ‘t Stad received their unique point of u award. Join us at this year’s award ceremony to find out who received the 2023 award. 

21:00 – 22:00 Concert: OSKI @ Grote zaal

CUT is an online platform where everyone can be themselves and be proud of what they do and where they come from.

Where are all the actors at? Castings are open for all talent: come as you are, introduce yourself, tell us something funny and do a lil’ improvisation. Good luck!

Monday 13/2


Saturday 18/2

Acting, making music, producing this all round maker answers all your questions!

A talk about how Creative Lab keeps VRT alert in a rapidly changing digital world. Tools and tips for young creators to also keep themselves alert, stay informed or get an idea of what is expected of them as creators if they want to collaborate with VRT.

Ender Scholtens AKA Gossip guy will give you tips & tricks about how to create the perfect platform for your podcast and how to reach an audience with funny audio connent. 
His podcast is the second most listened podcast in Flanders & in his podcast he had guests like Tom Waes, Acid, etc. 

Content creators and filmmakers all over the world challenged themselves for the Point Of U Competition. This year’s focus was Vertical Cinema. The finalists get to show their videos to the general public for the first time, the judges will then announce the winners.

21:00 – 02:00 Party

Sunday 19/02

Ahlaam is an up-and-coming actress who is best known for Grond and Roomies. She also made an appearance in the Netherlands with the series Sihame. She has proven to be a very versatile actress, and will teach you all the tricks of the trade.

Podcasts are everywhere.
But where to start? And what makes a good podcast a great one?
Ella & Tom will share 10 tips, insights and tricks you need to know before making a podcast.
Ella is a freelance producer and podcast maker and one of the resident freelancers at House of Media, a co-creation content partner. She makes podcasts for media companies like VRT & Mediahuis. Tom is the Founder of House of Media (HOME) as well as a creative, helping partners and young creatives produce their content and ideas.

Nicolas Grootjans – Recently did a TedTalk about NFT’s, but what about NFT’s wihtin the film industry? Will Non fundable tokens be part of the future of cinema & online content creation?

17:00 – 18:00 Real talk: Community building & pitching

JEF Festival screenings

Zaterdag 18/02 @ Cinema Cartoon’s

Roma, Toto and Drop call themselves the ‘Don Glees’, heroes in their small adventures in the backyard. Until one day a big adventure calls… They are being suspected of starting a forest fire! They have to find the lost drone in the forest that can prove their innocence. Not only that, their bond is also put to the test.

Sunday 19/02 @ Cinema Cartoon’s

Best friends Rönkkö and Mimmi exuberantly and comically take on the dark Finnish winter. Rönkkö has no trouble attracting boys’ attention but is at a loss as to how to get past the flirting. And after the hot-tempered Mimmi meets ice dancer Emma, she lives on cloud nine. In this intimate and liberating crowdpleaser, the three young actresses unaffectedly paint the rocky balance between dreams, reality, friendship, and relationships. Must-see!

Monday 20/02 @ Cinema Cartoon’s

A family of three generations meets under one roof. An unexpected visit from Zoja, the granddaughter, stirs up the routine. Under the quiet presence of God and alcohol, the family unweaves its tragicomical past and a few unsaid secrets.

Tuesday 21/02 @ Cinema Cartoon’s

Although she’s a twelve-year-old girl, Dalva acts and dresses as an adult woman. One night, she is suddenly taken away from her father and brought to a centre. She doesn’t understand and is angry. Until she develops a friendship with caretaker Jayden and her fierce co-inhabitant Samia along the way. This way, Dalva learns to feel at home in her own body and to finally live the life of a teenage girl.

Wednesday 22/02

Compelling and socially engaged cinema filled with beautiful acting performances. Kalifa uses the love for football as a bridge to simply yet powerfully reflect the life of children in war.

Elina moves from Finland to France to move in with her mother’s new boyfriend. The seventeen-year-old rapper develops an obsessive love for her stepsister Sofia, a charismatic ballet dancer. A toxic game between the two girls develops, which quickly turns venomous.

Thursday 23/02 @ De Cinema

Addi and his eccentric mother live in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. When he decides to care for unwashed, neglected Balli, the dynamic within his friend group changes. The four teenage boys struggle between aggression and tenderness, between bullying and loyalty.

Friday 24/02 @ De Cinema

Char’s mother goes missing for a while, and when she returns, she behaves stranger than ever before. Char barely recognises her mother and wants to uncover the truth about her disappearance. But does she really want to release the monster that’s lurking in the family?

Saturday 25/02 @ De Cinema

The toxic relationship between Signe and her self-absorbed boyfriend Thomas turns completely sour when he breaks through as an artist. To shift the focus back to her, Signe starts to poison herself. Behind the narcissism, the tragicomedy and the light body horror hides the story of a lonely young woman with an excessive need for attention and an obsession for the validation of others.