Friday 16/02

Meet Timo, a freelance videographer with a passion for storytelling. He Studied English Lit & Film at Antwerp Uni, and directed his first feature film, BUSKIN, in 2020. Currently, he’s diving into the vertical format on Instagram, blending old and new visuals. Join his hands-on workshop to explore the secrets of perfect vertical shots!

Unlock the secrets of social media with Daniel, aka Bruine Jongen ! Join us at MAS for a workshop on content creation.

Lore Loyens, is wrapping up her Film Direction studies at KASK. Last year, Lore made ‘Ondergronds,’ the first Belgian film scripted by artificial intelligence, premiering at Film Fest Gent. Join us for a workshop with Lore, as she shares insights on integrating Chat GPT into your creative journey. Get ready for a deep dive into the pros and cons of AI, exploring its impact on the film industry.

Founder of Enfant Terrible Films, Ila is a Mediterranean filmmaker with the never ending will to create on all type of supports, from film to digital, and for all platforms, from global gsm screen to big-time festival screens. Recently, she joined forces with Pommelien Thijs for the music video “Wat Een Idee,” shot vertically—right up our alley! 

Join us as she shares insights into the making of the music video and recounts the beginnings of her film journey.

The cast of Wtfock is dropping by to answer all your burning questions about acting, the series, and more.

Livestream alert! Join our engaging livestream where WAJOW & MAS Jonge Handen-youngsters delve deeper into their perspectives on vertical media.

Point Of U is on the lookout for the next big series or film idea!

Submit your one-pager by the deadline on 12/02/2024 at info@pointofufest.com. Include your project’s title, logline, synopsis, and format (film/series).
If your project gets selected, you’ll get the chance to charm our producers with your idea during your scheduled pitch speeddates!

Attending producers: Streamz, VRT, DPG Media, Hotel Hungaria, Woestijnvis, LesMecs and Sputnik

Saterday 17/02

Meet Jean, the talented actor based in Belgium. You might recognize him from TV series like Campus 12, Lisa, Arcadia, Gamekeepers, and Liefdestips aan mezelf. Join Jean in this workshop where he shares invaluable tips and tricks on acting and nailing auditions.

Ready to put your talents forward and shine in the media? Join Mediarte’s talk and find out how to get a jump start in the media industry!

Having recently conquered a JAMIE, this rising content creator shares insights on transforming ideas into reality. Join the journey!

Meet Kawtar Ehlalouch and Anushka Melkonian, not just colleagues at MNM but each other’s best friends. In their podcast Bless The Mess, they share experiences on topics often left untouched in school.

Join their workshop as they unravel the beginnings of their podcast journey and offer insights into their vision for the future.

20u00 – 21u30: SHOW POU

Calling all aspiring actors!  Join us at this year’s open casting sessions organized by OiMundo. Take the stage, introduce yourself, and showcase your talent with a short scene.